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The townhouse project of Pathland Development Corp. known as Covina Verde is one of the realty firm’s biggest projects to date. Hence, they made sure to offer the best modern amenities and basic facilities to the homeowners. It starts off with the architectural design of the townhouse units. They feature a Mediterranean style architecture that depicts the modern housing development standards of today. In fact, it makes the entire townhouse community look more expensive than it actually is.

Security is also a top priority for this community. It is part of making the homeowners feel safe and secure while enjoying peace of mind. Hence, there is an entrance gate that is equipped with 24-hour security. This will ensure that all vehicles and individuals who access this community are authorized personnel only. You can therefore feel secure that the community is safe for your family. Aside from the entrance gate, the entire subdivision is protected by a perimeter wall or fence.

The entire subdivision is also developed with the highest standards of housing development. For example, the main roads in the community are 6 to 8 meters wide. Meanwhile, the sidewalks are designed to be spacious too with up to 1.5 meter in width. This is to ensure that pedestrians are safe off the road and that it will be convenient for the vehicles to navigate within the subdivision.

  • Spacious living and Dining room 
  • High ceiling 
  • Individual parking 
  • 6 to 8 meter-wide roads
  • 1 to 1.5 meter-wide sidewalks 
  • Secure concrete perimeter walls 
  • Entrance gate with 24 hour security 
  • Energy saver home 
  • Landscaped common areas with garden setting 
  • Trellis with pathwalk area 
  • WiFi ready community 
  • Undergroung wiring 
  • Kids playground 
  • Intercom service 
  • Community swimming pool 
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Another evidence of the modern standards of Covina Verde as a housing development is its underground wiring system. Hence, the entire community is free from unsightly electrical wiring system that can also pose as a safety hazard in the event of strong winds or bad weather conditions. Another unique feature in this townhouse development that is not available in many new developments in Metro Manila is its intercom service. This makes it easy to contact the guards for emergency needs or services.

As for the common areas within the community, there are plenty to choose from. The community swimming pool is open to all residents to use as you please. You can therefore bring your family over to the pool so the kids can enjoy swimming to their heart’s desire. There are also plenty of landscaped areas that feature a garden setting. These green and open spaces reflect the type of community that the developers had in mind when conceptualizing about this project. There are also trellises with a path walk area that is available for residents to use. You can take your kids or the entire family for a picnic, or to simply enjoy the fresh air in the surroundings.

As for the townhouse units, there are several unique features and amenities that make it a suitable investment. All townhouses feature two floors giving your family more space to live in. All bedrooms are at the second floor so you and your loved ones can enjoy the privacy you deserve. Each unit is also built with a high ceiling standard to facilitate air flow and to make your interior space more relaxing and comfortable to live in. With an average floor area of 86 square meters, it has one of the most generous living spaces of any housing developments in Metro Manila.

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